Summer exhibition "Flowers - Blumen"

The current exhibition break at KiS ends on June 21. We will then reopen the doors of the Alte Feuerwehrhalle in Seefeld every weekend until September 29. The upcoming exhibition "Flowers - Blumen" is dedicated to the US-American artist Ross Bleckner. Rafael Jablonka will be showing works from his collection from 1995 to 2022. The vernissage will take place on June 20 at 6 pm. More about our summer exhibition soon here.


Exhibition catalogs & art posters

Exhibitions, talks with artists, concerts, readings ... The Alte Feuerwehrhalle in Seefeld has become a meeting place for contemporary art of all genres since the start of exhibition activities in 2021. Recently, you can also purchase exhibition and artist catalogs as well as art posters from us. Interested? Then find out more about our offer. If you are interested contact us after all.


Experience exclusively for KiS members

Wonderful experience, great art, unforgettable impressions ... These and similar are the reactions of the participants in the guided tours through Rafael Jablonka's Schaulager. In these rooms, the collector and KiS initiator displays parts of his collection of important works of contemporary art. The photo shows Miquel Barceló's "Des Meduses", with a bronze sculpture by Sherrie Levine in the foreground. The rooms are not open to the public and guided tours are currently reserved for members of the KiS association. 


Our current projects

We are very much looking forward to July, which will feature two events as part of Ross Bleckner's exhibition. On July 15, we invite children (of primary school age) to KiS. Juliana Haider, who has a lot of experience in children's theater, will organize an exciting hour with two groups on the topic of "Reading Pictures". A few days earlier, on July 9, the renowned cedag quartet will be performing a concert in the Alte Feuerwehrhalle. The program includes music from the 20th century. 


Since 2021: Art in the center of Seefeld

An idea gets a home

A cooperation between the municipality of Seefeld and the gallery owner and art collector Rafael Jablonka leads to the first exhibition in the Old Fire Station in Seefeld's center in 2021. Since then, changing art presentations have been held twice a year at this unusual location with free admission.

Ausstellung David LaChapelle in Seefeld

International level

KiS stands for Art in Seefeld - and at the same time for the presentation of works of art that can also be seen in the great museums and galleries of this world.
Zeitgenössische Kunst in Seefeld

Contemporary art

Contemporary art is the focus of the twice-yearly changing exhibitions in the Old Fire Station in Seefeld: names such as David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol or Miquel Barceló vouch for this.
Schülerführung anlässlich Andy Warhol-Ausstellung, Kunstvermittlung in KiS

Art Education

Free access to our exhibitions should keep the inhibition threshold low and awaken the desire to experience contemporary art in as many visitors as possible. Cooperation with schools and universities is also important to us.
Veranstaltung Kunst in Seefeld

Meeting place for art lovers

Artistic encounters in the context of vernissages, concerts or artist talks: KiS - Kunst in Seefeld has made a name for itself as a meeting place for art lovers from near and far.

Coming soon

18.00 – 20.00

21.06. Vernissage Ross Bleckner

Opening of the new exhibition
16.00 – 18.00

From June: Ross Bleckner at KiS

New exhibition "Flowers - Blumen"
19.00 – 20.30

Exclusively for KiS members: Concert

The cedag quartet plays Glass and Shostakovich
10.30 – 11.30

Children at KiS: "Reading pictures"

A program for children of primary school age
14.30 – 15.30

Children at KiS: "Reading pictures"

A program for children of primary school age


Pia Fries, Ausstellung tausend : einerlei; 12/23 - 03/24; Ausschnitt

Pia Fries tausend : einerlei

Works on paper and large formats

16.12.2023 – 17.03.2024

The current exhibition at KiS is dedicated to one of today's internationally renowned female artists. Pia Fries, born in Switzerland, lives and works in Düsseldorf. We are showing her series of works on paper tausend : einerlei and large-format works such as the four-part "schwarze blumen" - an expressive work in oil inspired by Maria Sibylla Merian's "Raupenbuch". 

Schaulager Jablonka Collection by Rafael Jablonka

Jablonka Collection in Seefeld

Exclusive experience for KiS members

Collector and initiator of KiS - Art in Seefeld Rafael Jablonka invites visitors to his Schaulager (picture store) for guided tours of his collection of important works of contemporary art. These include works by Eric Fischl, Sherrie Levine, Mike Kelley, Jasper Johns and Richard Avedon (see photo). The premises are not open to the public and the guided tours are currently organized exclusively for members of KiS - Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst in Seefeld.

Pia Fries, Ausstellung tausend : einerlei; 12/23 - 03/24; Ausschnitt

We invite you to a conversation with Pia Fries

Finissage on March 23 

The aim of our KiS association, founded in 2022, is to "promote contemporary art in Seefeld". We want to do justice to this not only with our exhibitions, but also with various events. KiS initiator Rafael Jablonka and Florian Waldvogel, Head of the Art History Collections from 1900 onwards at the Tyrolean Provincial Museum, will be talking to the artist of the current exhibition, Pia Fries, at a finissage. The exhibition tausend : einerlei runs until Sunday, March 17, and we invite you to the finissage on March 23 at 5 pm. We look forward to your registration.

Art meeting point in Seefeld

Vernissage of the current exhibition

After the opening of the sixth KiS - Art in Seefeld exhibition, we can say that Seefeld is making a name for itself among art lovers. Around 80 guests from near and far came to meet the Swiss artist Pia Fries (2nd from right) and see her works, which Friedhelm Mennekes (right) described in vivid detail in his introduction. Teresa and Rafael Jablonka made this initiative possible with their art and commitment. We welcomed 113 visitors to the exhibition during the extended "Christmas Opening" from 28.12.2023 to New Year's Sunday alone.