KiS stands for exhibitions - and more

Seefeld is a meeting place for art lovers

Alte Feuerwehrhalle anl. Ausstellung David LaChapelle

At the beginning of the year 2021 an idea takes shape. The municipality of Seefeld made the Old Fire Brigade Hall in Seefeld, which is no longer in constant use, available as an exhibition venue for contemporary art. This project, which is completely new for Seefeld, owes its success to the gallery owner and art collector Rafael Jablonka and his wife Teresa, who make world-class works of art accessible to a broad public.

The seven-year cooperation was significantly strengthened at the beginning of 2022. Nine founders are enthusiastic about this idea of art education in rural areas - they meet at the Alpin Resort Sacher for the founding meeting of an association.

Gründung Verein KiS, Februar 2022: Gruppenbild der Gründerinnen und Gründer
Kunstausstellung Kunst in Seefeld

Association for the promotion of contemporary art in Seefeld

What are our tasks?

The KiS association aims to enable as many interested people as possible to encounter contemporary art, create attractive supporting programs and implement the idea of art education consistently and professionally. This applies to the entire Seefeld region and beyond. Free access to the exhibitions is intended to keep the inhibition threshold as low as possible and enable everyone who lives here or is a guest to experience art.

In the context of art education, great emphasis is placed on cooperation with schools and universities. KiS - Art in Seefeld also regularly organizes artistic encounters at concerts, readings, artist talks and much more.

With the establishment of Schaulager, KiS initiator Rafael Jablonka has succeeded in introducing another highlight for KiS association members. The association can currently offer guided tours of the exquisite collection of contemporary art on its premises exclusively - initially for association members. The admission fees generated will in turn benefit the association's activities. 

From the very beginning, the Seefeld Tourist Board has been a strong and important cooperation partner for our initiative alongside the municipality of Seefeld.

Ausstellung David LaChapelle in Seefeld

International level

KiS stands for Art in Seefeld - and at the same time for the presentation of works of art that can also be seen in the great museums and galleries of this world.
Zeitgenössische Kunst in Seefeld

Contemporary art

Contemporary art is the focus of the twice-yearly changing exhibitions in the Old Fire Station in Seefeld: names such as David LaChapelle, Andy Warhol or Miquel Barceló vouch for this.
Schülerführung anlässlich Andy Warhol-Ausstellung, Kunstvermittlung in KiS

Art Education

Free access to our exhibitions should keep the inhibition threshold low and awaken the desire to experience contemporary art in as many visitors as possible. Cooperation with schools and universities is also important to us.
Veranstaltung Kunst in Seefeld

Meeting place for art lovers

Artistic encounters in the context of vernissages, concerts or artist talks: KiS - Kunst in Seefeld has made a name for itself as a meeting place for art lovers from near and far.

Association Board

Elected at the founding meeting, February 2022

Chairwoman Elisabeth Gürtler

Treasurer Christian Jäger

Secretary Clemens Rhomberg

Project team

Sylvia Frenes-Lutz
Helene Forcher


Elisabeth Gürtler Hotel Sacher
Hans-Peter Haselsteiner
Rafael Jablonka
Christian Jäger Euroinvest
Renate Labak
Markus Langes-Swarovski
Alexander Meissl Meissl Architects
Erich Mitterndorfer Halotech light factory
Klaus Ortner
Clemens Rhomberg Rhomberg Gallery

Sponsoring members and partners

Municipality Seefeld Municipality Seefeld
Seefeld region TVB Seefeld
Raiffeisenbank Seefeld Raiffeisenbank Seefeld Martini - Art Handling Martini Art Handling MuseumPartner Museum partner