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Opening with Friedhelm Mennekes

The advice of Friedhelm Mennekes, who introduced the works of Pia Fries at the opening of tausend : einerlei, referred to the question of the meaning of art. In his experience, it should be lived, "because when things are shaky and wobbly, art helps." Mennekes, a Jesuit and expert who advises the Vatican, among others, on contemporary art, was inspired by the colors of "schwarze blumen", the large-format work by Pia Fries. "She moves with the color". The guests at the opening evening were also enthusiastic about the works, including (in the photo from left) Melanie Wiener from Tyrol's Department of Culture, Innsbruck City Councillor Uschi Schwarzl and Wilfriede Hribar.


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The Schaulager, in which Rafael Jablonka exhibits important works of contemporary art, is constantly presenting itself in new ways. Eric Fischl's Krefeld Project, Mike Kelly's Kandor, works by Francesco Clemente, Nobuyoshi Araki, David LaChapelle and Andy Warhol (photo "Camouflage", 1987) have all been collected over the course of his life as a gallery owner, and he exhibits them and invites a small circle of art enthusiasts to visit again and again. We organize these guided tours for a maximum of 15 people and initially offer them exclusively to members of KiS - Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst in Seefeld (cost € 12.00 per person). If you are interested, please contact us.


Evening with Siggi & Juliana Haider

Accordionist and composer Siggi Haider not only knew Werner Pirchner personally and recorded the 'Sonata vom rauhen Leben' with him in the recording studio, he also plays on the accordion that Pirchner, who died in 2001, had specially made for him. Together with daughter Juliana (saxophone and vocals), Siggi Haider interpreted works by Pirchner, such as excerpts from the "Kleine Messe um C", and by Bert Breit at a concert in October 2023. The audience was then allowed to choose a work from LaChapelle's Bible cycle, to which father and daughter performed a clever and much applauded improvisation.


Jesuit priest holds introduction

Great interest at the opening of David LaChapelle's exhibition: Jesuit Father Friedhelm Mennekes (second from right) gave exciting insights into the biblical scenes from "Jesus is My Homeboy" from the perspective of the Church. Father Mennekes, who as an art expert advises the Vatican, among others, was enthusiastic about LaChapelle's photographic interpretations, which for him are among the "most grandiose of this genre." Among those who met at the opening night were (from left): Seefeld's mayor Markus Wackerle, Dr. Melanie Wiener from the Cultural Department of the Province of Tyrol and KiS sponsor Director Horst Mayr from Raiffeisenbank Seefeld.


Sarah Bogner's "Liebe und Blamage"

The pastel-colored horses with their accompanying creatures, made by Sarah Bogner for the Old Fire Station in Seefeld, fascinated the visitors of the opening night. Despite driving snow, numerous interested people came to take a first look at "Liebe und Blamage" - the title of the exhibition. Thus also KiS association chairwoman Elisabeth Gürtler (right), owner of the Alpine Resort Sacher, did not miss an encounter with Sarah Bogner and her fabulous creatures on canvas. The title of the show is borrowed from a poem by Bogner, who also works as a publisher and musician.


Bach, Reich, Gordon

The exhibition of Andy Warhol's "Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century" provided the perfect backdrop for a special concert. The young cellist Valerie Fritz (right) played Johann Sebastian Bach, Steve Reich and Michael Gordon and author Friederike Gösweiner read the poem "Going to Lviv" by Adam Zagajewski. This Polish poet and essayist, who died in 2021, was a personal friend of Rafael Jablonka, who put together this extraordinary concert evening with the support of composer and pianist Thomas Larcher.